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Masala Mandi is India’s No.1 premium and organic spice brand that offers a wide range of whole spices and blends and ground spices. With over 10 years of experience in import and export of spices, Masala Mandi maintains the best standards of purity, freshness and authenticity in every pack. Masala Mandi is a courtesy and trademark of KIAM FOODS Pvt. Ltd.

 Masala Mandi is a premium spices & seasonings brand dedicated for your everyday meal with extraordinary flavours. At Masala Mandi
we source spices from almost all over the India’s famous spice producers. We make sure every bottle packed at Masala Mandi is scientifically graded, sourced responsibly and hygiencally handled. We gurantee our spices to be chemical free with zero added colours or preservatives.


Mr.Karan Makkar


Karan Makkar started his journey from KIAM FOODS Pvt. Ltd. a spice import and export business having over 10+ years of experience  and made an iconic spice brand Masala Mandi exclusively for India. He was passionate about sourcing the best spices from their famous region only and never compromised on the quality of his products. He firmly believed that the taste in a meal comes first and that great taste needs great quality along with purity and authencity.

For more information mail us at or you can call on our customer care number 8448332426

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